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40.6. How does Worldox work in Terminal Server deployments?


Prior to February 2011, Worldox would be installed to the Terminal Server running in non-mirrored mode (i.e. launching Worldox directly from the network share that holds the Worldox executable templates).  This strategy has several significant problems, including preventing Worldox upgrades from being applied without logging all Terminal Server users out of Windows.

Terminal Server Deployment Option

In February of 2011, Worldox introduced a new Terminal Server deployment mode.  With this new capability, Worldox is installed to the Terminal Server using the WDWorkstationInstall application, but the Terminal Server installation type is selected.  Once this has been done, users of the terminal server will run Worldox mirrored - but the mirror is performed on a per-user basis.  Instead of storing the Worldox mirror files in C:\worldox, they are stored in a sub-folder of %appdata%\Worldox.


If the shortcut being used to launch Worldox on the Terminal Server points to an executable named Worldox.exe, the site is launching in non-mirrored mode.  It is strongly recommended to switch over to the new Terminal Server deployment method.  Here's how:

  • Make sure that they are running Worldox code dated after 2/23/2011 (Help->About will give you the date)

  • Re-run WDWorkstationInstall on the Terminal Server, and choose the Terminal Server installation option.

    Tip: This can be done without kicking any users out of Worldox or Windows - over the next day or so, users will move over to the new mirrored mode operation as they close and re-launch Worldox

Note: If you have configured Startup shortcuts on the Terminal Server, these will need to be replaced with the desktop shortcut (or Start->All Programs->Worldox shortcut) created by WDWorkstationInstall.  The target of the shortcut on the Terminal Server will be X:\Worldox\WDMirror.exe (X: may be different for your site).


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