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40.10. Saving Internet Explorer Downloads to Worldox


When saving a file from Internet Explorer, the Worldox "index card" (hook integration) does not launch.


When Worldox integrates with a Save As dialog, it must know the type of the file that is being saved.  When the user clicks OK on the Worldox Save dialog, Worldox builds the full path (including the file extension) that the native application should save to.

For most Save As dialogs, this works just fine.  If you save from Word, for example, the list of file types is known ahead of time.  Worldox can provide you with that list in the Save As Type drop down list.  For other Save As dialogs (Internet Explorer's download Save As dialog, for example), the file type is not known to Worldox.  Without being able to reliably determine the file type, Worldox is unable to build the full path of the file that should be saved.

Because of this limitation, it is not possible to hook certain Save As dialogs, including:

  • Internet Explorer download file, Save As...
  • Outlook, Save Attachment As...

Note: This limitation is for the particular dialog listed.  Other dialogs in the application can (and often are) hooked properly.

For more information related to Worldox hook integration, see Integrating Worldox with Additional Applications

Immediate Workaround

Save the file to your desktop, then drag and drop the file into Workzone.

Note: For more information about Workzone, please refer to the following Knowledge Base article: Workzone.

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