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1.1. How do I Open a Support Request?

Trumpet Support hours are Monday through Friday, 7am-5pm MST. 

If you encounter a problem with any of Trumpet's software or have a question about our software then you should open a "Support Request." This can be accomplished by completing the following steps:

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Go to support.trumpetinc.com
  3. Click on Submit a Request
  4. Fill out the fields on the Submit a Request for Assistance page
    Note: Where applicable, our default behavior is to teach you how to resolve the issue, so that the next time your question comes up, you'll know how to resolve it on your own.  However, if you prefer that we log on and resolve the problem for you without providing instructions, just let us know that in your request.
  5. Click the submit button
  6. Write down the access key from your request
    IMPORTANT: Be sure to keep your access key, it will be used to check the status of your request

Checking the Status of Your Request

  1. Go to support.trumpetinc.com
  2. Select the Check on a Request link 
  3. Enter your access key provided to you when you created the request
  4. Click on the Check button to obtain the status and history of your request.
Note: You will also receive an e-mail from support@trumpetinc.com when a reply has been posted.  Be sure to add support@trumpetinc.com to you address book to ensure proper delivery!

Updating a Support Request

  1. Below the status information for your request, enter an update to the request in the "Provide an Update" text box.
    You can also attach an optional supporting document

2. Click the "Update Request" button

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