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40.24. Saving a PDF from a Web Browser


When viewing a PDF in a web browser, there is no option to save from Adobe Acrobat (or Reader) X into Worldox.


There are several reasons for this happening and it is also best to work through the following instructions:  "Unable to save from Acrobat X or Adobe Reader X to Worldox" and "Worldox integration with Internet Explorer 7 or above does not work." Another thing to be aware of is the floating toolbar that appears at the bottom of the browser window.

  • On the floating toolbar select the acrobat icon

  • This will load the Adobe Acrobat Toolbar (Highlighted in the red square)

  • Select Tools

  • Click "Saves a PDF to Worldox"

  • Within the "Save As" dialog in Worldox, enter the information for the document and save.

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