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2.1. Attach Plus Integration with Microsoft Office

Attach Plus integrates with Microsoft Office in two ways:

  1. Using Send-To integration (visit Using Send To Integration for more information)
  2. Via the Attach Plus print driver (visit Converting a Document to PDF for more information)

Special Handling of Excel Workbooks

In Excel, note that selecting the "Convert to PDF" option converts only the selected worksheet(s) ("tabs") - not the entire workbook. To convert an entire Excel workbook to PDF and customize the appearance of the pages, use the Attach Plus print driver: 
  1. Select File > Print
  2. Select either "Attach Plus - Save and E-mail PDF" or "Attach Plus - E-mail PDF" from the list of printers, and click Print
  3. This will convert the entire file to PDF, then bring up the Attach Plus dialog to further customize, where you can select the correct pages to attach, etc.
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