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3.7. Set PDF Restrctions

The PDF format allows you to restrict how your recipients can use the PDF files you send them. For example, you may wish to limit printing of the document to low resolution only - or you may want to prevent the recipient from copying text from the PDF.

The Attach Plus 'Restricted PDF' attach format allows you to determine what your recipient can do with the PDF file they receive.

The following restrictions are available:

  • Watermarking - apply the specified text as a watermark to the PDF
  • Print restricitons
    • No restrictions - The recipient can print the PDF at full quality
    • Low quality - The recipient can only print the PDF at reduced quality (150 dpi)
    • No printing - The recipient can not print the PDF at all
  • Allow text copying - Users of Acrobat or Acrobat Reader can typically highlight text in a PDF and copy and paste it into another application. Uncheck this box to prevent the recipient from copying the text from your PDF
  • Allow content modification - Users of the full version of Acrobat can perform rudimentary editing of any text that appears in a PDF file, add or remove pages, add annotation and fill in form elements. Uncheck this box to prevent the recipient from making changes to the PDF. Note: you can add some of these permissions back in with the next three options.
  • Allow page add/edit/move - Allow users to rearrange, add or delete pages in your PDF file, even if Allow content modification is not allowed. This option has no effect if Allow content modification is checked
  • Allow annotation modification - Allow users to add or edit comments, stamped images, highlights, etc... and fill in form elements in the PDF, even if Allow content modification is unchecked. If Allow content modification is also checked, users will be able to add new form elements to the PDF as well
  • Allow form fill in - Allow users to fill in form elements, even if Allow content modification and Allow annotation modification are both unchecked

Tip: If you are attaching a pre-existing PDF (as opposed to converting a document to PDF), the original PDF will NOT be changed/restricted in any way. These restrictions only apply to the PDF that is actually attached to the email message.

Tip: If you password protect a restricted PDF, and you specify a Sender Password, then the restrictions added to the PDF by Attach Plus can be changed/removed using the full version of Acrobat and the Sender Password. This probably isn't a big need, but if you want to go back and adjust the restrictions to the PDF that was attached to the email, you can do it this way.

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