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3.1. Introduction to Attach Plus

Attach Plus works in several different ways:

  • Using the "Attach" button in an existing e-mail message ("paperclip integration")

    In an existing e-mail message, click the paperclip icon, select the file(s) you wish to attach, and then click the Attach Plus icon in the file selection dialog.

    Note: Paperclip integration is not available in most web-based email applications

  • Choosing the Attach Plus print driver from the File > Print dialog

  • Using right-click > Send To > Mail Recipient from within Windows Explorer ("Send To integration")
  • Using the File > Send To menu command from many Windows applications ("Send To integration")

Many software applications (e.g., Excel, Word, etc.) have a menu option that allows you to send the file you currently have open as an e-mail attachment.

Note: You must have Send To integration enabled in order to integrate Attach Plus with this function (learn how).  This gives you the option of attaching an open, working document to an e-mail.

Attach Plus also allows you to attach the file to an e-mail in progress - something the regular Send To option doesn't allow.

Important Note: When 'File > Send To' integration is enabled, Attach Plus will configure itself as the default Windows e-mail client. In some instances, your e-mail application may show a dialog box warning you that it is no longer set as the default e-mail application.  You may ignore this warning. Attach Plus ensures that Windows mail requests continue to be sent to your existing e-mail application, even though it is not configured as the default. Your existing e-mail application will continue to have the same functionality, even thought it is not the default e-mail application.

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