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3. Worldox

Basic settings

Worldox User Code This is where the Worldox user is specified. This is the user that Symphony OCR should search for documents as (note that Symphony OCR does not actually use a Worldox license). Symphony OCR will have access to all profile groups that the specified Worldox user has access to. This user should have Worldox Manager Rights. We recommend using the 000000 user. 

Worldox Network Folder This is the network folder in which Worldox is installed.  It can be identified as a UNC path or a mapped network drive (e.g. \\server1\DMS\Worldox, or X:\Worldox) unless you are running Symphony OCR as a service, in which case it must be identified as a UNC path.

Profile Groups to Monitor

This is the list of profile groups the user specified has access to. If a profile group does not appear in the list, this user does not have access to those profile groups (or the profile group has not been properly configured in Worldox). You can select the checkbox in the header area to automatically select and process all documents in all profile groups. If you wish to only process certain profile groups, you can simply select the applicable ones.  Be sure to select "Save Changes" at the bottom of the screen.

Default Priority  There are 6 processing priorities which range from Very Low to Very High and includes "Analyzer Only".  By default all profile groups will be processed with a "Normal" priority.  If you wish to change the priority for a particular profile group, select the appropriate item from the drop down arrow.  If you wish to re-prioritize documents that have already been found in that particular profile group as well as new documents that are in that profile group, select the "Reprioritize existing documents" checkbox.  For more information on Processing Priorities see:  Processing Priorities

Refresh  Allows you to refresh the list of available profile groups.  For example, if you have added a new profile group to Worldox, and wish to process that group, you can select this which will provide you with the newly added profile groups.

View Detailed Progress  Selecting this will take you to the Progress Details page.  This will provide you with a list of profile groups, the number of documents and pages that have been processed / not processed per profile group.

Advanced settings

Process Read Only Files  If you wish to process read-only files, you should check this checkbox.

Indexed Search Frequency  By default Symphony OCR will search for documents in selected profile groups once every 15 minutes using Indexed Searches.  This should be sufficient for your needs, however you can change this to search more or less frequently.

Non-indexed Search Frequency  By default Symphony OCR will search for documents in selected profile groups once every 12 hours without using Worldox indexes.  Because it takes a significant amount of time to crawl through the directory structure to find files, once every 12 hours should be sufficient.


Reset Worldox Session  Selecting "Reset Worldox Session" will reset the Worldox session for the user defined in the Basic Settings above.

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