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1.1. Update Account Passwords through ElectroNeek UI


Trumpet has built an automation workflow for you using ElectroNeek (an automation platform). Your bot uses one or more accounts with a username and password. ElectroNeek needs to stay updated with the latest password(s) for these accounts in order for your automation to perform it's job.

This article describes how to update credentials that ElectroNeek requires. This is necessary when:

- You have received a courtesy email from Trumpet reminding you to update credentials on your system.


- You have changed any password for an account used by your Trumpet automation. 

Note: If you did not receive an email reminder from Trumpet and would like to, please send a request to customersuccess@trumpetinc.com. Please also contact this email if you have questions of any kind!


Confirm you have the following:

  • Administrative access to log on to any machine that Trumpet uses for your automation (often 2 machines, DEV and PROD).
  • New passwords, or the ability to change the passwords, from all appropriate systems or applications
    • (See steps below to determine which accounts need to be updated, if you don't already know). 

Note: Do NOT change the Windows login for the bot machines unless you're in contact with Trumpet Support.


Perform the following steps on EACH Bot Machine that is assigned for Trumpet automation:

  1. Log in to the Bot machine using the Trumpet user credentials
  2. If not already complete, update the OLD password on the indicated system and reserve a copy of the NEW password.
  3. Right Click on the ElectroNeek Bot Runner icon in your System Tray and select Settings
  4. Click on the menu item > Credentials.
  5. Edit the credential item (pencil and paper icon, shown below). This will open an "Add New Password" window. 
  6. Input the new password, then click ADD to apply the changes
    • Do not adjust any field except the Password field
    • Note: the password field will always appear blank, because it stores passwords securely and will not display them to users.
  7. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 for all passwords that need to be updated.
  8. Close out the Bot Runner settings window and proceed to any additional bot machines, following all steps to update all appropriate passwords. 

If you have questions about any of these steps, or need anything changed regarding your bot, your accounts, or your bot environments please contact our team at customersuccess@trumpetinc.com

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