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27.2. Check In Documents

To Check Documents in, perform the following steps:

  • Click on the Check-Out icon in your system tray. 
  • This will open a list of checked out files
  • Select the files you'd like to check in and click the Check-In icon. 
  • Note:  This works well if you have multiple documents to check in.
  • Alternatively, if you have a single document, you may wish to simply select the "Check-In" button below the document:

  • Note:  This works well if you have a single document to check in.

  • Select the appropriate radio button:

    • Copy up checked-out file over on-line original. - replaces the original file with the checked out document
    • Add as a new version.  - the checked out document replaces the original file and the original file then becomes a prior version
    • Discard local mirror copy and revert to original.  - discards any changes made to the checked out document
  • The Worldox - File > Check-In window will open to confirm that the file was checked in.  Select "OK"

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