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12.8. Doc ID

Each document saved to Worldox has a unique 8 digit identifier followed by a period and then the file extension.  This is called the Doc ID.

(e.g. 00031966.pdf)

One way to determine the doc id of a file is to highlight a document in the Worldox Search Results screen, and the document identifier is shown at the right hand bottom of the Worldox window:

Type the Doc ID in the Doc ID field

Select Search

How is the doc id field useful?

  • You can use a portion of the doc id field to find a collection of documents of a certain file extension, such as documents that are .PDF files, .DOCX files, etc.

    • For example, you might want to type in:
      •  *.pdf to find all pdf files, or *.doc* which will retrieve both older and newer Word files with a format of .doc or .docx.
  • When speaking with a co-worker, if you want them to quickly pull up a particular document, just tell them the doc ID of the document to which you are referring

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