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11.1. Perform a Search without Using the Indexes

If the Indexer software or Indexer workstation are not running, you can still find your documents.  Documents that are successfully saved to Worldox are stored on your file server, regardless of whether the Indexer is running or not.  If you have recently saved a document that you cannot find, it's most likely because your Indexer is not running properly, so the file hasn't been indexed.  Perhaps you've had a power outage and the machine hasn't been logged back in, etc.

When the Indexer is down, you can still perform searches for your documents.  Here's how:

  • Open a search card

  • Enter as much criteria as you can to search for the document

  • Select the "Search What" button in your search card

  • In the Search What window, select the "Folder Tree" radio button, then "OK"
  • Then click "Search" in your search card
  • Note:  This search technique will find all documents regardless of whether or not the Indexer has indexed them.  This search is simply crawling through the directory structure rather than relying on the indexes.

    Important:  This type of searching is very slow and should be used only as an alternative search technique when the Indexer application is not running! 

If you are having problems finding documents by performing indexed searches, but are successful at finding them with non-indexed searched, please contact us by emailing support@trumpetinc.com

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