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9.5. Organize Quick Profile Templates

Organizing Quick Profile templates allow you to group like templates together.  For example, you may want a folder for Agreements and within that folder, you might have a "Financial Planning Agreement" and an "Investment Advisory Agreement" Quick Profile template.  Another option that may be useful is to group Quick Profile templates by the department who will utilize them.


Here's how to create the folder structure:

  • Select the "Quick Profile" tab from the Profile Card
  • Right Click on a Quick Profile and choose "Edit"
  • Select "Save"
  • When naming the Quick Profile template, title it first with the name of the folder (e.g., Agreement), followed by a backslash (\) then the name of the template (e.g., Investment Advisory Agreement)
  • Select "OK"

The value before the backslash will create a folder with that name.

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