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40.5. Worldox Web Mobile 3.X Features


We have had people reaching out looking to gather some more information on what features are available in Worldox Web 3.0.


Here is the list of available features as of 11/02/2020

Available in Worldox Web:

  • Favorite Files
  • Favorite Matters
  • Cabinets
  • Workspaces - access existing, but cannot create new
  • Bookmarks - access existing, but cannot create new (this is changing with an update that should come out this week)
  • Search - text in file, DocID or Descrption, DocID or Description or Content
  • Advanced Search
  • Direct Access
  • Filter - the file list can be filtered by any of the data in the list; type in a DOCID, date, Category or even some component of the description and the file list will be filtered to only show documents meeting the criteria
  • Edit Metadata
  • Copy
  • View
  • Open
  • Save
  • WorkZone access with the Web Integration Agent
  • Copy to / Move to Worldox in Outlook supported with the installation of the Outlook add-in for Worldox Web
  • Integration with locally installed products available with the Web Integration Agent
  • Ability to block download from Web Browser while maintaining the ability to Open from the Web Integration Agent
  • 2FA available
  • Send To ShareFile / RightSignature are both supported in the version coming out this week
Unavailable in Worldox Web:
Traditional filters that appear at the bottom of the screen are not supported. Email from the file list is not supported. Related Files are not supported yet. Audit Notify and Task are not yet supported.

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