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36.10. Add Authentication Cell Number for Two Factor Authentication


Worldox GX4 WDU14 (Rev. 130304.1426) and higher

The "Password" Feature in WDAdmin needs to be enabled , see Enable Two Factor Authentication


  1. Enable the Password Feature in WDAdmin. Cloud users will need to reach out to Support@Trumpetinc to enable the feature.
  2. Each user will then need to add an Authentication Cell# that will be used for Two Factor Authentication
    1. In Worldox Click on Edit in the Ribbon

    2. Click on Password, That will open the following window
    3. Click on Add Authorization Cell #
    4. The Authorization Cell#(s) dialog appears. Click Add.
    5. The Add Cell# dialog appears. Enter you Cell number and Description a is optional). Ensure that Yes is selected for the Enabled Select Next.
    6.  Find the Access code text message and enter it
    8. You will return to the Authorization Cell#(s) dialog. Click Apply and OK.
    9.  You will return to the Set Access Password dialog as an indication that it has updated.

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