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2.2. Why can't I see my file list when in Chrome? - Only 3 dots


While using Chrome: The iFrame is showing WebMobile, it’s running the correct search, but no documents are appearing AND when I log in to WebMobile thorugh the browser directly to test, I don’t see documents there either!


Check Chrome’s settings: Settings>System>Use Hardware Acceleration

Having it UNchecked results in the display issue. Checking it, to make it blue, is the solution. However, you may need to turn this on and off and close the browser a couple times to get it to stick. It seemed a bit finnicky when we ran into it the first time. Especially, if you go to the setting and find it already checked. Uncheck it and save. Close browser. Re-open, check the setting, save, close browser. Re-Open and test.

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