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40.20. Worldox Professionals - User Name Changes


Worldox utilizes the "Filed By" field as a part of the document profile for nearly every cabinet created by and installed by Trumpet.  The Filed By field is simply a pointer to the Worldox User list.  Therefore when a user name changes you should be careful with how to process this to ensure that you don't orphan any documents.


You have two options when a user's name changes.

Option 1 

The first option is to deactivate the user's former user code in Worldox and add a new user code for their new name.

Here are instructions for deactivating a user:  Deactivating a User
Here are instructions for adding a new user:  Adding a User


If you opt for this method, the documents that were filed by the user prior to the change will have the "Filed By" assigned as the old user.  You can search for documents Filed By an Inactive User by selecting the "Filed by" Field and choosing the "Show All" or "Inactive Only" options in Filed By menu.

If you want to edit the Filed By to have the User's new Code, you can follow the procedure for Editing Codes found here:  Edit Codes

You'll want to do this in every cabinet that has the Filed By Field.

Option 2

The second option is to simply update the "Display" name and not the user code while utilizing a login name for their new Windows username.  To do this:

  • Open the WDAdmin application (Note, if you have Active Directory Enabled, you'll need to do this from the Indexer workstation)
  • Select "Users"
  • In the Edit> Users list, double click on the user
  • Leave the Worldox "Code" the same
  • Update the "Login Name" to the user's new name
  • Update the "Display Name" to the user's new name
  • Click Save


For Worldox there are none, just a philosophical change that says that the code doesn't match the name.  

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