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3.1. How to Read the Symphony Analyzer Tool

While your advisor will work with you to understand the reporting and analytics, some folks love to have a sneak preview on what the tool shows:

The Symphony OCR Summary page can be considered the "Dashboard" for Symphony OCR to allow users to view/manage the system condition of Symphony OCR, including current and historical progress and many more items.  Below we've highlighted the most common features for Symphony OCR's dashboard.

  1. Graph  This is a graphical display to show the number of pages that have been processed, the number of pages pending processing and a timeline to show when those documents were originally saved to the document repository.
  2. License Info  Tells you the remaining processing capacity (the number of pages available in your license and when it renews), how many new pages were added to the document repository in the past year and the recommended processing capacity based on historical analysis.
  3. Statistics  Tells you how many documents are pending analysis and how many documents are pending OCR. The section "Current OCR throughput" tells you how long it takes Symphony OCR to process a page and does some calculations to determine the estimated time to OCR the backlog. Finally, this section of the Summary page tells you when the last document was OCRed.
  4. Document Summary Provides you with a dashboard that includes the ability to view documents in each of the document lists.  For more on document lists, visit Workflow, Tools & Document Lists

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