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1.2. Starting and Stopping the Symphony Processor


Symphony Profiler's main engine, if you will, is called the Processor. This is typically installed on the Indexer PC and it looks like this:

This process can be installed as a logged-in Windows user or as a Windows Service. When installed, it will place a shortcut to launch it on the Desktop as well as in the Startup group. If the software is installed as a logged-in user, this Processor will not be able to run until that user is logged back in. However, when installed as a Service it will run even if the user is logged off, so long as the machine is turned on.

Starting the Processor

If installed as a logged-in user:

The Processor should launch when you log in, but if you need to launch it manually, use the desktop shortcut called "Symphony Profiler Processor", or locate the executable here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Trumpet\SymphonyProfilerProcessor\SymphonyProfilerProcessor.exe

If installed as Service:

After being installed, you should find the Symphony Profiler Processor service under Windows Services. Start the service. Launch the interface using the desktop shortcut.

Stopping the Processor

If installed as logged-in user:

Hit the X in the top right corner of the Processor window.

If installed as a Service:

Go to Windows Services (or Task Manager > Services) and Stop the Symphony Profiler Processor service. Note that X-ing out of the interface alone will not stop the Processor.
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