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1.3. Install Worldox Professional

Manual Installation Instructions

  1. Navigate to \\server1\DMS\Worldox\wdworkstationinstall.exe (where "\\server1\DMS" is the UNC Path to which Worldox is installed)
  2. Double-click on wdworkstationinstall.exe
  3. Accept all defaults to install Worldox to the workstation

      If (and only if!) you are installing to a Terminal Server, be sure to select the Terminal Server Installation option (highlighted in image below).  If you are not installing to a Terminal Server, proceed using the default Mirrored option.

Configuring Applications to Launch During Windows Login

Note:  The easiest way to do this is to run WDWorkstationInstall (as described above) and check the 'Start Worldox on login' checkbox.

If you prefer to set this up manually, just copy the desktop icon to the Startup group.

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