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35.3. How to Enable WebMobile Integration - Per User


After you've enabled Worldox WebMobile integration in your Firm settings (click here if you haven't done that yet), you'll need to input your own personal WebMobile credentials into your Junxure account. You'll need the following information to proceed:

  • Your personal Worldox WebMobile Username
  • Your personal Worldox WebMobile Password
  • Your company's WebMobile Server Name
  • Your company's WebMobile Server Password.
  • Your WebMobile server URL

All of this information is managed and distributed by the Worldox Cloud team (wdccsupport@worldox.com).

For official support on this (and any other) Junxure setting please contact Junxure Support. 


Note this is described from an Admin perspective (who can edit all users). The first few steps my differ depending on your user access within Junxure.

  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on User Profiles
  • At this point you'll see a list of Users (if you have permission to). Click on Edit in the far right column of the list for the user whose WebMobile you'd like to sync.
  • Go to "User Preferences" and click Edit in the top right corner. Now click Setup to the right of the "Document Management" category.
  • Input the appropriate credentials and hit Next. Presuming the credentials were valid you should have a successful sync. The integration should now function for that user.
  • Repeat for all other users who need the integration.

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