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35.1. Does Worldox Integrate with Junxure Cloud?


Yes! Worldox Pro and Cloud can integrate with Junxure Cloud. In fact, there are two ways you can integrate: Hook integration and WebMobile integration. The Hook integration uses the Internet Browser hooks that come built in to Worldox while the WebMobile integration is a built in feature that Junxure has created this method requires Worldox WebMobile. Read on to learn more about how those work, and what you can take advantage of.

Hook Integration

Junxure Cloud is a browser (internet) based CRM. Worldox can integrate with your internet browser through Hooks. These hooks will appear any time there is a "browse" dialog to save or open a document. If the correct hooks are enabled then you can utilize these with Junxure Cloud IF the functions within invoke those browser dialogs. I'm talking about this:

If these upload or browse dialogs appear then the chances are that Worldox will work with it. If certain features within Junxure do NOT use this to upload or save your documents, then integration directly with Worldox may not be possible for that specific task.

Note: Hooks are global for all of your Worldox users. If you're NOT seeing Worldox pop on a File Upload dialog, like the one above, then the odds are good that the correct hook just needs to be enabled! See this article here to learn how.

WebMobile Integration

This integration is built and managed by Junxure and has a couple requirements in order to utilize it:

  1. You must have Worldox GX4 Both Pro and Cloud versions work just fine.
  2. You must have Worldox WebMobile (this is an add-on product that works with both Pro and Cloud versions of Worldox)
  3. The Worldox Integration feature needs to be enabled within your Junxure Cloud account at the Firm level AND the user level. For help with this contact Junxure Support or click this link to see how.

We've heard that the Junxure Cloud team has more ideas in mind for their Worldox integration. Check with them if you have any questions or needs regarding this.

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