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6.2. Move your Files

Once you've narrowed your search criteria down to include the files that would belong in a particular category / doc type combination, it's time to move your files!

Select CTRL + A on your keyboard to select all files:

Next, "eyewash" or scan through the list of files to ensure you wish to move all of those files to the same category / doc type combination.  There may be some instances where a word or phrase that you searched for might need to be excluded.  For example, if you have done a search for documents with the keyword "Will" you may have some files that have "Will" in the title because that's the person's name not because it's actually a "Last Will and Testament" for example.

As you go through these, uncheck the green check box on the left hand side for any files you don't wish to migrate.

Once you are satisfied with your list, it's time to "move" the files.

To do so, click the "Move" button in Worldox:

Confirm that you want to move that number of files by selecting "Continue"

A profile card will then open.

Select the appropriate cabinet from the drop down.

Leave the asterisk in the "Client" field

Populate the Category and / or Doc Type fields as appropriate.

Select the "Move" button at the bottom.

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