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41.1. Worldox Professional Architecture

Retrieve New Documents when the Indexer isn't Running

Documents that are successfully saved "to Worldox" are stored on your File Server.  If you have recently saved a document that you cannot find, it's more than likely because your indexer might not be running properly, perhaps a power outage has affected the machine.  You can still do searches for a particular document, and here's how:
Select the New Search button
Enter criteria to search for the document
Select the "Search What" button at the bottom of the New Search window
Under "What:", select "Non-Indexed" and select "OK"
Back in the New Search window, select "Search"

Note: This will locate all documents in Worldox based on the criteria you've set forth whether they have been indexed or not.

Important: Only use this alternative search technique when the Indexer application is not running! 

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