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41.4. Splitting the Docvault over multiple drives

Splitting a docvault over multiple drives can be done - but if it can be avoided, we strongly recommend that it be avoided.

Instead, if disk space is becoming an issue, please consider migrating the entire docvault (all cabinets) to the new disk, then adjust the shares so that the workstations don't see a difference.  If this does not involve changing the server itself (i.e. the UNC path of the share doesn't change), then Trumpet doesn't have to make any adjustments at all after you migrate the docvault.

When you migrate the files/folders, be sure you preserve all security and file dates during the transfer (robocopy is useful for this).

If you absolutely must split the docvault, here are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Each cabinet must be on a single drive - you can't split a cabinet between multiple disks

  • You need to coordinate with Trumpet to tweak the indexer settings to properly migrate the appropriate cabinets to the new disks, and change the Indexer settings to process those disks



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