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41.5. Exporting the Worldox Meta Data

Sometimes, you decide that you need to change technology.  Trumpet would like an opportunity to discuss this decision to make sure that Worldox really can't meet your new needs - but in the event that you do need to transition out of Worldox, we want that process to be simple and straightforward.  The last thing we want is you being stuck in a system you aren't happy with.

This article provides the steps for exporting all of the Worldox meta data, and provides some strategies for how to use this meta data for your next system.


  • In the network Worldox directory, launch the WDExport.exe application

  • Click Export->Profiles

  • Select the Profile Group (Cabinet) that you wish to export meta data for (e.g. Clients or Accounts)

  • In the Output File, specify the name of a CSV file that the meta data should be exported to (e.g. Desktop\Clients.csv or Desktop\Accounts.csv)

  • Click the Run button


The meta data for every document in the selected cabinet will be exported to the CSV.  The meta data contains, among other things:

  • The full path of the file

  • The Doc ID

  • The document description

  • The Field values

  • Comments

  • Document dates


You will also probably want to export the field Code and Description data using the following procedure: Exporting Codes and Descriptions

How to Use the Meta Data

The meta data and code table exports should be provided to your next document management system provider.  They can take the meta data and file path information and build a migration plan.

If you are moving to a folder structure, any skilled IT person can use the meta data to build up a set of Windows Copy commands to move and rename the files as desired.  If you would like Trumpet to perform a bulk copy operation for you (instead of having your IT support do it), we can do so - just send a request to support@trumpetinc.com.

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