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41.6. Restoring Files from Backup


Worldox stores meta data related to the document in files separate from the document itself.  If you do a restore from backup, you have to be careful to restore the meta data AND the file itself.  You also need to be careful not to overwrite the meta data of other documents that are in the same folder as the file you are restoring.

This procedure describes the preferred way to restore one or two Docvault files from backup.


Restoring past copies of existing Worldox files

  • Restore the file from your backup system to a temporary location.  We recommend that you do NOT restore to the original location

  • Ensure that the restored file is indeed the version you want

  • Drag the restored file onto the Worldox WorkZone icon

  • Worldox will prompt you with the following dialog:

  • Choose 'Save as Version'

  • Type in comments about why you are restoring the file

  • Click OK

Worldox will add the restored file as the latest version of the current Worldox document

Restoring past copies of Worldox files that have been deleted

If possible, we recommend that you restore the missing file from the Worldox Salvage Bin (Restore Documents in the Salvage Bin).  If the file is not available in the Salvage Bin (by default, the Salvage Bin is purged every 90 days), then you can use the following procedure to restore the file, and the file's meta data, to Worldox.

Restore to an alternate location the entire directory containing the file you wish to restore (include all files in that directory).  It is very important that you restore to an alternate location for this procedure.  It is also very important that you restore the entire folder as it was at a single point in time – restoring some files from backup taken on one date, and other files from backup taken at another date may cause problems.

  • Open Worldox and use the folder pane (left side of the screen) to navigate to the restored folder.  You will see all files that exist in that folder

  • Choose the folder you wish to restore

  • Click File > Copy

  • The index card for the file will come up populated with the meta data of the document from the time that the backup snapshot was taken

  • Click OK to finish the copy operation

At this point, the file is restored to the document repository, along with it's index card information

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