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41.10. Updating worldox on a Terminal Server


After a Worldox update or upgrade is applied to your file server (Trumpet usually applies the update to the file server), Worldox will mirror the changed files down to the local workstations.  Terminal Servers can cause problems with this mirroring operation because multiple users could be holding locks on files that Worldox needs to update.

We have prepared this procedure to be performed on all Terminal Servers after a Worldox update has been performed.


  • Log in to your Terminal Server as an administrative user

  • Use Task Manager to view processes for all useres

  • Confirm that no instances of acrobat.exe or acrord32.exe are running (these applications hold locks on files that Worldox will need to update)

  • Launch Worldox

  • If you see a WDREGSET dialog, this means that Worldox needs to update files on the Terminal Server, provide the necessary approval or credentials to let WDREGSET run

  • Worldox will finish launching

  • Right click on the Worldox icon in the system tray and choose Close Worldox

  • Worldox will close

  • Launch Worldox a second time and confirm that you do NOT receive a WDREGSET dialog the second time

Your Terminal Server is now ready for regular Worldox use.

If you continue to see WDREGSET dialogs when you launch Worldox

There are two main causes for this issue.

The first is file locks - repeat the above procedure, taking extra care to ensure that acrobat.exe and acrord32.exe are NOT running.

The second is if Windows UAC elevation has been incorrectly configured - please see our User Account Control Information article for how to properly configure UAC, then repeat the above procedure.

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