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41.11. Running a Speed Test in Worldox

While Trumpet, Inc typically runs a speed test to determine appropriate performance levels when we first install Worldox, you may have network changes, etc that effect the speed of Worldox.  To run a speed test:


1.  Temporarily map a network drive for the UNC share that the Worldox DocVault resides on (the test doesn't actually *use* the mapped drive, but Worldox uses the mapped drive list to populate the test targets in the user interface) - just be sure to uncheck the 'reconnect at login' checkbox

2.  Launch Worldox

3.  Right click on the system tray icon and choose About, this will display an About dialog

4.  Type Ctrl+D  (standard for 'debug').  This will display a debug screen.

5.  Click the Speeds button, this will display the speed check dialog

6.  Double click on the Resource entry for the DocVault server.  This will run the test (it takes about 20 seconds) and return the results


The W-KBPS column in the write bandwidth in kilobytes per second.  The R-KBPS column is the read bandwidth in kilobytes per second.  Multiplying by 8 (to get from bytes to bits) will provide you with the MBps. 

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