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12.14. Home Button


The Home toolbar button is similar to the home button in a browser and gives you the ability to set a default location or file list that Worldox returns to. To change that default Home list follow these steps:

  1. Open the Edit menu and select Home Location:
  2. Click on the button called "Blank Page", as seen in our example below, and select the list option you would like to change it to.
    • You can choose from a Blank Page, your Favorite Files (all), or a specific Folder location.
  3. Proceed with the next menu item, which will be related to whatever selection you make and then click OK to save.
  4. Close Worldox (by right clicking on your system tray icon) then restart Worldox to ensure the changes have been applied.

Your new Home location will now load when you launch Worldox, or when Worldox opens when attaching or uploading documents.

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