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4.1. Using the "View Image" Feature - "See What Symphony Sees"


As you may already know, Symphony Profiler uses the unique Reservation ID from your scanned cover sheet to identify which reservation your scan belongs to. In order to do this, Symphony must be able to "read" the text on the cover sheet. Scanners can be pretty helpful when it comes to 'cleaning' up a scan, but sometimes those efforts result in hidden layers of data that can blind Symphony. If your scanner is doing something to the image that causes it to be unreadable by Symphony then this tool will allow us to quickly see that.

This tool is specifically designed to aid in troubleshooting, especially by our Support team. So, if you are having issues, remember to reach out for help!

How to Use

In the "Scanned Files from Monitored Folders" quadrant in the Symphony Profiler Processor interface left-click to highlight a file, then right-click and select "View Image..."

If the resultant image is very different from the scanned PDF (as viewed in Acrobat or Reader) then it's best to let Trumpet know so our development can investigate the processor algorithms and enhance them to work with the image.

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