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40.33. Worldox Compatibility with Office 365

Worldox works with the an installation of Office 365 if it is installed as a local desktop application.

Worldox does not support Office 365 plans that don't include Desktop versions, cloud based storage option of 365 (SkyDrive) for Worldox data or the "On Demand" streaming version of MS Office with Worldox.

If you are in doubt, you may want to run a test install of the software to ensure that the service you are considering will work properly.


This is directly from Worldox regarding Office 365:


MS Office 365 
Office 365 comes in many flavors and options.  Some are compatible with Worldox GX3 others are not.  Here are the rules as they stand now. 
First for Office 365 to support Worldox GX3 you MUST have a plan that includes the "desktop" versions of the apps.  These are the "click to run" locally installed copies of 2013/2016 apps.  These plans currently are 
                                Office 365 Small Business 
                                Office 365 Midsize Business 
                                Office 365 Enterprise E3 and E4 
Thus using these plans you must be using the "click to run" delivery system install to install "off line ready" versions of the Office 2013/2016 to the desktop. 
You CANNOT use the following 365 options 
Any Office 365 plans that DO NOT include Desktop versions 
The cloud based storage option of 365 (SkyDrive) for Worldox data 
The "On Demand" streaming ("trusted application" or "Windows Store Apps") version of MS Office with Worldox 
So in summary, for Worldox usage MS Office 365 really is really just paying monthly for Office and using the "click to run" option to install it, but you still must install the desktop applications and use your own storage for Worldox data.


This link explains the "click to run" and other delivery options:  Office 365 Delivery Plans

This link describes the different Office 365 plans:  Office 365 Plans

And to help you find your version:  Office 365 Version


One other thing - Worldox is only compatible with 32-bit versions of Office.

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