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2.2. I've Sent My Documents, Now What?

So you've sent some documents to DocuSign using SignatureBridge. Essentially, all we have to do now is wait for the designated people to sign, but maybe you have some questions about how this is going to work. If so then read on!

Waiting for Signature

When one or more documents are sent to DocuSign, and signature fields have been applied, they will be marked as "Checked Out" within NetDocuments, and you'll see a tab in the description that says "Awaiting X Signature", X being the number of signatures it's waiting on. That number will decrease as people sign, until ultimately all signatures are fulfilled.

The documents marked as checked out will also be "Related" to a new document that SignatureBridge will create and file into NetDocuments. We call this new document the Envelope Document, and it contains ALL of the documents from that DocuSign Envelope that you created (even if something was added to the Envelope that isn't in NetDocs). This Envelope Document will be checked out as well and will received the signed copies once pending signatures are fulfilled. If you'd like to learn more about this document then review the article called: How Does The SignatureBridge Envelope Document Work?

Notice above how I specified "and signature fields have been applied". Well, let's say you have a cover sheet that is technically it's own document which you included in the Envelope, but you don't put a signature field on it. In a case like that, the original document living in NetDocs will NOT be marked as checked out, because it's not waiting on a signature. It will also not be related to the Envelope document. This keeps things clean for your coversheet document so it doesn't get related 1,000 times as you continue to use it.

Documents Are Signed!

Now that everyone has signed the DocuSign Envelope will be completed. SignatureBridge checks in with DocuSign every 30 minutes to look for any changes. When it sees that the Envelope is complete it will grab the signed documents and save them as Version 2 of the Envelope document. While it does that, it will also check in all documents related to the Envelope, change the description tag to say "Signed", and the audit trail on the documents will indicate the new history.

DocuSign will also send you its email to notify you that the signatures have all been received.

If you'd like to speed up the syncronization to get your documents checked back in, then you can also manually sync from your SignatureBridge portal by opening your Envelope's details.

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