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40.32. Handling Prospects in Worldox

How to handle prospects in Worldox

People often ask, "Where do we file prospect paperwork?" in Worldox and "How do we "code" the prospects?"  Most firms don't have the volume of prospects to create a separate cabinet for their documents, and even if they did, once the prospect became a client, they would have the cumbersome task of moving all of their prospect files to the client cabinet.  Therefore, Trumpet recommends that you file prospect documents to the client cabinet.  You have a couple of options for doing this, but this outlines the preferred method.

  1. Create a client code for your prospect just as you would a new client:
  2. The Description can read as it would for a client, but can be distinguished by adding ZP to the front:

    The purpose of adding "ZP to the front is so that you can "Sort" by the description field in Worldox and see the prospects all together.

Why not add the ZP to the Code to prefix?  Because once the prospect becomes a client you would be required to reprofile all of the documents under the new code.  See Edit Codes for more information.

What happens when a prospect becomes a client?  Simply edit the "description" to remove the ZP.  See Edit Description for more information.

What happens when a prospect does not become a client after a period of time?  Simply inactivate the prospect just as you would an inactive client.  See Edit Values to be Inactive for more information.

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