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3.4. Copy profile from...


When saving a document you may see the button that says "Copy profile from...". This is a feature that allows you to apply profile fields that are the same or similar to another existing document. This just adds yet another layer of versatility when saving your documents.

To Use:

  1. When your Save As profile card appears, click on the "Copy profile from..." button and Worldox will pop open and you'll notice in the title bar it says "Same profile as".
  2. Perform a Worldox search to navigate to the document whose profile data you would like to copy down to your new document.
  3. Double click the document and then you will see a prompt to select which fields you would like to copy.
  4. Check the boxes you would like copied to your save card and select Paste. Or, if you've made the wrong file selection then hit Change to select a new document to mirror, or Cancel to end your search and return to the Save As dialog without mirroring.

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