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3.17. How do I cancel a DocuSign Envelope in Drafts which I haven't sent yet?


Sometimes after you've sent a document to DocuSign, you'll find that you have selected the wrong document, or the document has an error and you need to restart. You'll need to cancel the whole Envelope and start fresh from NetDocuments. So, how do you cancel the Envelope, you ask? ...


If you're still in the DocuSign draft created by SignatureBridge then follow the steps below. If you closed out of the draft already then simply log in to DocuSign, go to "Documents" and "Continue" or "Correct" the draft you need to discard.

Do NOT delete the draft from the Documents page, you must continue the draft first and delete from there).

  1. Locate the button for "Other Actions" in the top right hand corner. Just next to the yellow "Next" button.
  2. Click Other Actions and select "Discard" or "Discard Changes" .
  3. You'll be returned to SignatureBridge and the Envelope details will now say that it was cancelled.
  4. Hit the "Synchronize" button
  5. "View in NetDocuments" to ensure that the document has been checked back in.
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NOTE: If for any reason your document wasn't checked back in after the Envelope was deleted then you may manually check it back in to revert to its original state prior to sending.
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