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12.12. Search for All Checked Out Documents

For a video showing this process, visit:  Checked Out Handling in Worldox Cloud & Enterprise

Sometimes you may want to locate any documents with a Checked Out status. Input "/C" (without the quotes) into the "Owner Inits" field (Non-Trumpet clients may have a "Revised By" field instead). Note that this will provide results for all users, and not just yourself unless you happen to filter the search more. 

If you'd like to search for checked-out files for certain people, then use /C AND <USER CODE>:

Note: Other security-related switches are below*:

/s will return ALL secured files (that includes hidden, protected and custom-secured).

/p will return all of the documents that have Read-Only (Protected) Security on them.

/h will return all of the documents that have Hidden Security on them.

*If your firm has group security (e.g. cabinet-level security) in place, that security will always be honored.  For example, if a document with Hidden Security is filed to a cabinet that a user is restricted from, that document will not appear in the user's "/h" search.

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