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39.1. Attaching Documents to Outlook Calendar or Appointment Items


You go to attach a Worldox document to an Outlook Calendar Item and you find that it is trying to put your document in the time field of the calendar item:


Newer Worldox installations (like GX4 vs GX3) use a different methodology for attaching files to email in which it essentially "cut and pastes" the file directly into the message body. Doing it this way avoids any potential length limits with the files and paths that get input into the dialog, which was the older method.

The problem is that the newer method only works for email messages, because the calendar entry has an extra field. Since it's the same hook, the software can't make both work under the new method. Fortunately we are able to get this working for you! See below...


If you use Worldox Professional:

Drag and drop the file from Worldox into the BODY of your Calendar Item to attach.

NOTE: This puts a full copy of the file into the appointment. It does not allow you to use WDL links to link directly to the Worldox source file. If you need that feature then see the steps below for Cloud users.

If you use Worldox Cloud:

Email support@trumpetinc.com with the following request:

"We would like to adjust our Outlook hook integration to allow for attaching Worldox documents into Calendar items. Reference #41406"

The drag and drop method will not work in cloud because Worldox is a remote app and not running on the user's machine.

NOTE: The solution we can provide will revert you to an older method of Outlook integration which overall works just as well, except one small downside which most people don't encounter often. The down side is that you may be limited to the number of attachments you can do in one selection because of the limitations of the dialog depending on the length of the descriptions of the documents. 

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