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19.3. Customize Files Lists within List View

The most common way users customize List View is to adjust their Column Headers (which columns appear in Worldox).  See the chapter on Column Headers for more information.  But there are other adjustments you may want to make as well.

View or Hide Groupings

By default, Worldox will display "Groupings" based on the field that you are sorted on in List View:

If you wish to "Hide" those groupings, you can right click on the column that you're sorted on and choose "Hide Groupings"

This will remove the groupings.

Changing Line Fonts, Line Colors, and Line Spacing

For those of you that are visually challenged, or those of you that simply like a distinct font or color, you can adjust the lines, fonts, colors and spacing in your Search Results List.

To begin, Select "Customize-> Line Fonts/Colors/Spacing"

This will open up the Display>Customize> File Lists menu

To change the font size on any of the values, in your lists, select the "button".  For example, If I want the group label to have a different font color and type, I would select the [Group] Label: Value button

Choose the entry you wish to modify:

In this illustration, I'll change the Label Font.  Adjust the font to whatever you'd like it to be. 

For example, the default is Calibri, Regular, 12 point and looks like this:

If I change to Lucinda, Regular, 16 point, my label looks like this:

I could also change the "Color" of the font by selecting Change Label Color and choosing the appropriate color:

You can change any of the values or fonts as you'd like.  Here is a list of what each of the buttons represents:

[Group] Label: Value - The groupings in your search results screen
1st file line (per cols) The actual "document" line in your search results screen
[Property] Label: Value any additional information you choose to display below the document (See Property Line Values below)
[Text Hits] Label: Value when you perform a text-in-file search, the text hits will appear under the document
[Checked-out] Label: Value - the entry that displays if the document is checked out by either yourself or another user
Workflow Label: Value this is only applicable to Productivity Suite users

You can uncheck any of the fields if you opt to not display them.

Finally you can also opt to Stripe alternate lines or not (the default is to stripe them)

Property Line

The property line section appears below the document and can contain any meta-data or other information about the file.  In this instance, I'm showing the Modified Date in the property line of the document:

To add a value to the property line, choose Customize -> Line Fonts/Color/Spacing.  Here we will be focusing on the "Property Line" area of Worldox.

To remove a Property, right click on the property and choose "Remove"

To add a Property, right click on dark grey space and choose "Insert Column".  Choose the Property you wish to display.

NOTE:  In order to see the Property below the description of the file, the column must not be included in the column headers.  See Remove a Column Header for information on removing columns that you would prefer to display below the document rather than as a column itself.

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