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3.3. Daily Status Emails

Monday through Friday, the person(s) identified in the Symphony Profiler Processor Email Settings should receive an email with a status of all pending reservations, unprocessed files, or other alerts.

IMPORTANT: If you do not receive the daily email, check the Symphony Profiler Processor immediately.

Here's what the email will look like:

In this example, there were two files scanned that didn't have reservations (the Unprocessed Input Files) and a number of reservations that haven't yet been fulfilled. As reservations get older, they will switch from green to yellow to red.

Note: Unprocessed Input Files less than five days old will have a green status, less than ten days (but older than five) will be yellow and anything ten days or older will have a red status.

Tip: See Daily Status Email Troubleshooting Process to determine how to resolve these issues.

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