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3.1. Introduction to Outlook Emails in Worldox

Some firms wish to have Worldox be their document repository for all documents including .msg files (Outlook Email Messages).  Email messages, like all files will be saved with their native file extension, so in this case, as .msg files.

If you wish to file outgoing emails to Worldox, you will need to contact Trumpet Support to enable this level of integration.  Filing Email messages from your Inbox or Sent Items folders will be enabled by default.

Many users prefer not to file emails to Worldox because they are automatically captured by their CRM (e.g. Junxure) and some do both.  There are advantages and disadvantages to either approach.  I will outline those for you here:



The major advantage to storing emails in the Worldox Document Repository is that emails stored there are text searchable.  In addition, you can search across clients for emails.  Worldox also stores the email with the Attachment in tact if you need to have this for compliance purposes.


The disadvantage of storing emails in the Worldox Document Repository is that you must fill in a Profile Card to save the emails.  This differs than using your CRM in that in most instances, the CRM will automatically store the emails under the contact record for whom the email is addressed.



Oftentimes, the CRM will automatically file emails under the contact record for whom the email is addressed.  This means that you don't have the time consuming task of profiling the email. 


It may be difficult or impossible to search for all emails for a given date range if you want to look for multiple clients' emails.   Attachments and emails are often filed in separate places.  In addition, email messages are not typically text searchable (search for the text within the email message) when stored in a CRM.

Trumpet is relatively agnostic when it comes to your decision on where to file email messages.  We prefer you understand the implications of your decision, and will work with you accordingly.

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