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3.4. Search for Email Messages using the Email address

You may wish to search for an email by the email address it was sent from or the email address it was sent to.  While this is as simple as filling out a Search Card, there are an additional fields you will need to add to the search card.

To add the Sent From field to your Search Card:

  • Open a Search Card
  • Select Options -> Customize Fields

  • Highlight the value you wish to add on the left, and the field you wish to add the address to before or after
  • Select "Add Before" or "Add After" accordingly.

  • Select OK

  • If you wish to add this to your Find Template, you can then choose Options -> Save Template

  • Then either provide the template with a new name and pin the template to your button bar, or overwrite the existing template you used.

  • You now have the appropriate fields to search for the email addresses

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