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3.6. Email Rules

You may need or want to add rules for processing outgoing emails.  For example, you might want to add your husband's email address to the "Ignore" list, or you may have inadvertently added an email address to the ignore list that you want to prompt for saving.

View Email Rules

  • To see your email rules, you must select the Email Tab in Worldox.

  • Select Edit > Address Rules
  • Note: You cannot access this from another tab, you must be on the E-mail tab for these menu selections to be available
  • The Worldox > Sent Message Rules window will open

Add Email Rules

  • To add a rule, select the appropriate tab:
    • Personal - will create the rule only for your user
    • Public - will create the rule for all users
  • Click the green plus button
  • The Worldox > Add Rule window will open
  • Fill out the applicable selections
  • Click "OK"
  • Note: Trumpet has automatically configured a rule to ignore all internal addresses when in "To"

Delete Email Rules

  • To delete a rule select the appropriate tab
  • Highlight the rule you wish to delete
  • Select the "Delete" button at the top

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