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6.1. Determine which files to Move



It is most efficient to focus on identifying documents that have been filed consistently in your legacy directory first.  The goal is to group as many documents as possible with like document types.  So for example, all "Correspondence" or all "Trusts".  The goal is to move all of these all in "big hits" because you've already pre-assigned the client code.  For the most part, you'll be searching in the "Name" field using keyword searches.  The "Name field" will include the filename on the document and will also include (in the comments area) the full file path of the document (e.g. \\server1\share\clients\Smith, Mary\Legal\Irrevocable Trust dtd 2012-03-19.pdf)

So, for example, you could do a search for all documents with the word "Trust" in the filename:

and move those documents.

Boolean Searching


You may need to do some Boolean searching as well.  For example, if you did a search for all documents with "Will" in the Name field, your search might return things like "Last Will and Testament", and "Living Will".  However, you may want Living Wills to be filed under a different document type than Last Will and Testaments.

Therefore, you may want to conduct your search like this:


The "OR" boolean is helpful when naming conventions on your folder structure may've changed over time.  So, for example, perhaps some folks have named documents "IPS" while others have typed out "Investment Policy Statement".  Using the "OR" boolean will assist you in searching for any document that has IPS along with any document that has the Investment Policy Statement in the title:

Additional Strategies:

  • Start with documents that are easy to identify and can be found in larger groups (e.g. Legal documents, Agreements, Tax Returns, etc)
  • Repeat your process of identifying the next group of like documents and moving them until you are down to the odds and ends
  • Make some up-front decisions about how far back you wish to move the documents (e.g. do you want all the documents to be moved to the new cabinets, or just ones for the past 7 years, what are your "mission critical" documents that would be cumbersome to not have in the cabinet structure, etc.)
  • Notify your staff.  Let the team know that you've moved all agreements, all tax returns, etc. so they aren't continuing to look for those in the legacy cabinet
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