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5.1. Create a Search Button for your Legacy Cabinet

In order to save time when searching for documents to move to your Active Cabinets, you can create a search button.  Here's how:

Create a Find Template:

  • Open a Search Card
  • Select the "Legacy Cabinet"
  • In the Client field type "NOT ~"

    Note:  This will ensure that any documents that do not have pre-assigned client codes do not show up in your searches making moving documents easier.
  • Select "Options -> Save Template"
  • The "Save Find Template" Window will open

    • Give the Template a meaningful name
    • Select "Show Template
    • Make it available for Everyone
    • Click the "Save" button

Create a Button Bar Button pointing to your Template

  • Right click in the button bar button area, and choose "Create"
  • Select the "Search" radio button:
  • Click OK
  • Select the find template you created from the list of find templates
  • Select "Show Template"
  • Select Pin to Button Bar
  • Select "Everyone"
  • Click Save




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