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5.2. Use Relationships

Create Relationships

To associate documents using relationships:

  • From the Worldox search results screen, select the document you'd like to make the "Parent" document
  • Click on the Relations tab at the bottom of your search results screen
  • Select the checkbox "Make file the parent"
  • Conduct a Worldox search for the document(s) you wish to relate to the parent document
  • Drag and drop the documents you wish to relate into the Relations window
IMPORTANT:  When finished, deselect the "Make file the parent" checkbox. Failure to uncheck this box can cause user confusion as the user might think that any highlighted file has a relationship with the files in the Relations window. In order to be certain that you are reviewing the correct relationships, the relationship is listed at the top of the Relations tab

Show Relationships

There are a couple of ways to show a document's relationships:

Add Relations to the Column Header

  • Left-click on the empty gray space in the header of your search results screen
  • Choose "Relations?"
  • This will show whether the documents you have selected have related files. It does not show which files are related, but it helps to identify that a relation exists.
  • To show related files, use one of the following methods:

Use the Relations tab

  • Highlight the document for which you would like to see the relationships
  • Click on the Relations tab at the bottom of your search results screen
  • The Relations window lists each of the documents related to the one you have highlighted in the search results window
  • Clicking the "Relations" button will open a new list containing the related files

Note:  You may wish to update your Style Sheet for Relations.


Delete Relationships

You may need to delete a relationship once it is established.  To do so:

  • Perform a search for the parent file from which you would like to remove the relationship and highlight it
  • Select the Relations tab at the bottom of your search results screen
  • If there is more than one child related to the parent, click the check box for the child or children you wish to remove
  • Select the Unrelate button
  • The Worldox - Unrelate File window will open. Verify the information and select "Yes"
  • A new Worldox - Unrelate File window will open verifying that the file(s) has been unrelated. Select "OK"

Note: This only removes the relationship; it does not delete or remove the document from Worldox.

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