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8.2. Use Legal Hold

Place a Document in Legal Hold

To place a document in "Legal Hold" simply right click on the document and choose, Legal Hold -> Move to Legal Hold

Confirm your intentions

This will place the document in a separate document repository for Legal Hold documents.

Search for Documents moved to Legal Hold

To search for documents that are moved to Legal Hold:

  • Select a Search button

  • Fill in the criteria to find your documents

  • Select the "Search What" button

  • Select "Legal Hold" check box:

    Note:  You can search for both documents in the "Active" document repository and the "Legal Hold" repository by selecting both check boxes.

  • Select "OK"

  • Select "Search"

Move Documents from Legal Hold to the Active Repository

To move documents from the Legal Hold repository (read only) to the active repository, right click on the document and choose:

Legal Hold -> Restore Legal Hold

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