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1.1. Code Sync Licensing & Updates

Updating CodeSync License:
1.  Edit the 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Trumpet\VirtuosoREST\config\server.properties' file.
     On 32-bit O/S, file is 'C:\Program Files\Trumpet\VirtuosoREST\config\server.properties'.
2.  Insert new license on 'license=' line.
3.  Ensure 'virtuoso.home=' is a UNC path.  (UNC path can be found at HKCU\Network).
     Important:  Must use double slash for slash - Example:  \\\\Aiifile\\dms\\Trumpet\\Virtuoso
4.  Stop and restart the VirtuosoREST service.
5.  Check the logs/details.log file to ensure all is well.

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