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24.5. Add Tags to the Search Card

If you are a former Worldox GX3 client, you may not have the option to select "Tags" from your search card.  Here are the steps for adding the Tags to your search card:

  • Open the Worldox Search Card in which you would like to add the Tags field
  • Select "Options -> Customize Fields"
  • In the Customize Find Fields window, select the "Tags" field on the left
  • and the field in which you want to add the tags tab before or after on the right
  • Select "Add Before" or "Add After" accordingly
  • Select OK

The "Tags field" should now be added to your search card, however it's a "one time add" unless you choose to save this!

To save the search card with the tags tab

  • Select Options -> Save Template
  • In the Save Find Template window, leave everything the same and select "Save"
  • Select "OK"

You will need to repeat this process for all templates in which you wish to show the "Tags" field.

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