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2.6. Advanced Feature - Reservation Fulfillment Notifications

If you wish to notify a particular individual that a document reservation has been fulfilled, you can send them an email notification.

  • Select the Advanced bar in the Symphony Profiler Reservation window
  • Select the "Send Email To" check box:
  • Enter the email address of the person you wish to receive notification when the reservation has been fulfilled
  • Enter the Subject line for the email.
  • Select one of the options "Another Similar", "Another" or "OK" to complete your reservation.
    Note:  You will not be allowed to complete the reservation unless both the email address and subject line have been completed.

Upon fulfillment of the reservation, the user you indicated should receive notification that the reservation has been fulfilled will receive an email that includes a link to open the document, and the full path to the document in the Worldox Document Repository.


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